Mastering Your Financial Destiny

Habitudes of Wealth

“Success is the sum of small actions repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier

Have you always wanted to take control of your finances but have not yet been successful?

Have you listened to many programs, have learned different strategies and have been presented a lot of products and solutions, but have not started to take action yet?

With technology, we are presented with too many options and too many information which causes our brains indecision and inaction.What you need now is a proven, simple and easy to use program that will guide you and provide you with the wisdom on how to put things together, start taking action and achieve great results faster in your life and in your finances.

Then you’ll be able to achieve financial freedom and be at peace knowing that you are now in control of your money and you will begin to tell your money where to go instead of always wondering where it went.With financial freedom, you also get to live a life that you desire without having to work for money or without relying on other people for your income.

Wealth Builder Asia’s Mastering Your Financial Destiny Program is designed to help put you in the driver seat of your own money and be the master of your own financial destiny by providing you simplified, easy to understand, and ready-to-apply action steps that will put you into action everyday.

The program is based on proven strategies and principles that have made thousands of wealthy people around the world.You will gain valuable and priceless insights through the concepts and action steps to Mastering Your Financial Destiny.

As you work on the program, you will be guided through easy to apply video lessons, tips, action steps, videos, downloadable workbook and worksheets.

You’ll have lifetime access to all materials received during the program.

Your Instructor

Ryan De Vera
Ryan De Vera

  • A Registered Financial Planner, a Chartered Trust & Estate Planner and a Chartered Wealth Manger
  • Chief Enrichment Officer of Wealth Builder Asia Learning & Consultancy, Inc.
  • An entrepreneur in a variety of fields and started when he was in colleg
  • Built several businesses such as events management, digital printing, real estate, food trading, agri-business, learning and consulting, and distribution of financial products
  • A sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship, wealth management & personal finance in various organization
  • Trains financial advisors of different insurance companies
  • Writes money articles for Money Sense Magazine and Business Mirror
  • A resource speaker in RFP’s Annual Event, Financial Fitness Forum
  • Host the weekly radio show Real Finance People at Radyo Agila
  • A regular guest in ABS-CBN’s finance TV show, ANC On The Money, he answers money questions of viewers and gives professional and practical financial advice
  • Producer and host of Wealth Rx, a business, life, and finance video blog, and founder of

When you now choose to be the Master of Your Financial Destiny and apply what you learn from the course, you will achieve these great benefits:

  1. Knowledge and Wisdom - You will receive primary tools, systems, and easy-to-apply techniques in making smart and wiser money decisions
  2. Mindset and Attitude - Discover how you can begin to use your brain to your advantager as you rewire it think and act like wealthy people
  3. Skills and Habits - Reach a level of competency and confidence in creating a life by design as you become a better money manager every day.
  4. Financial Freedom - As you apply all the things that you will learn in the program, you will be able to reach a point where money comes to you easily and abundantly because you have now decided to take control of it and take charge of your financial destiny.

And you’ll discover how to achieve your money goals faster as you begin to set-up the necessary foundation that will make you the Master of Your OWN Financial Destiny.

  1. Deal with money better and better each day through the different daily activities
  2. Be more confident in handling money and making smart money decisions
  3. Earn and attract more money into your life by acquiring the right mindset, the right skills, the right habits and right strategies.
  4. Create more money by strategically using different active and passive income sources
  5. Protect your money better by being a mindful, responsible and wise money manager
  6. Make money serve you more by growing it better and faster through proper accumulation and by utillizing strategic investment vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Financial Freedom is very predictable.It is highly caused when we make the right decisions and take the right actions.All of us were born with no skills at all.We learned them as we grew up.Where you are today in any area of your life whether it’s in your finances, or in your health, or in your relationships is caused by the actions you took yesterday, one week ago, one month ago, one year or many years ago.

Because of this you can still change the course of your financial future by taking control now.Being the Master of your own financial destiny is a LEARNABLE skill and you got what it takes to make it happen.It starts when you make the right decision and when you take action right today.Depending on where you’re coming from it may mean that you may have to take baby steps or big steps.What’s important is you choose to start now and to head towards the right direction, and keep doing the right things everyday.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance.It is a matter of CHOICE.It is not a thing to be waited for.It is a thing to be ACHIEVED”

William Jennings Bryan

Sign up right now and choose to be the Master of Your Own Financial Destiny.

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